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Associate Professor Le Wang joined the School of Economics and Finance in March 2017 from Xi’an Jiaotong University where he earned a PhD in management science and engineering. His research interests include digital innovation management, online review manipulation, platform ecosystems, and e-commerce/social media. Le Wang has published over 20 research articles in renowned information systems and management journals, including Information System Research, Information Systems Journal, Decision Support Systems, Information & Management, Journal of Business Research, Journal of International Management, and among others.


讲座地点(线上):腾讯会议 688-374-455

讲座题目:Observer Heterogeneity on The Persuasiveness of Deviatory Reviews

讲座摘要:Due to the diverse backgrounds of consumers, mixed or inconsistent opinions are commonplace in online reviews. Studies suggest that rating deviation, defined as the extent that individual review rating deviate from the product’s average rating, heightens review persuasiveness, while other studies propose the opposite. We reconcile this dispute by taking the interpersonal differences of the review readers into consideration. Utilizing the information adoption model, we suggest that rating deviation increases informativeness but decreases source credibility, which are considered as two critical antecedents of review persuasiveness. Drawing on the analytical persuasion theory, we propose that consumers’ risk attitudes and browsing intentions influence how they balance the mediating effect of informativeness and source credibility, leading to distinct relationships (either positive or negative) between rating deviation and review persuasiveness. A cross-sectional online experiment accompanied by a two-wave longitudinal lab experiment obtained convergent evidences for the above proposals. Our findings provide important and useful implications for both e-platform operators and consumers.